The sirens blasted throughout the cold, dark walls. The red light came on as people moved briskly through the room and up the steel stairs, trampling anyone in their way. Panic filled the musky air. Then the unequivocal screech of the opening doors came. The terrifying bay of the monstrous dogs followed. It was just another daunting day in Furnace.


Alex used to be a pretty normal kid, (apart from the stealing and lying.) though he was really a bully. But it didn’t really matter much to him. His little bit of stealing wasn’t going to ever get him in big trouble right? Wrong. He and his best friend, Toby, decided they wanted big money this time. The owners of the large house were gone for the weekend, and the timing was perfect. They quietly got into the house through the feebly locked window. That’s when Alex’s life was torn apart. His best friend was shot and he was sent to hell; no, even worse, furnace. Taking the blame for killing the boy he was so close to. He's sent to Furnace for the rest of his miserable days. Along the way he meets Zee and Carl (who goes by the name donavan) who very well may help him survive his life sentence of gas-masked freaks, cruel gangs, a warden whose stare is like looking into the soul of death, spiteful guards, and feroucios versions of man's best friend.  Read this bone chilling novel by Alexander Gordon Smith, and learn the truth in hell’s prison.

Check out the amazing official website for the book:   http://www.escapefromfurnace.com/#/home


Manned UAV? L3’S Got it covered.

I’m sure a good bit of you have looked at this title and are already asking- “What’s a UAV?” Well, UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It’s used by military to scope out lands when they have a team there and to identify enemy teams and snipers. Here lately, UAV’s have been extremely useful to all military personnel. They are a vital part of many missions, and can even save lives in some instances. Now that L3 has created the MOBIUS OPA (optionally piloted aircraft) the UAV can be used for way more than originally thought possible. It can be flown, or controlled from far away distances. To me personally, nothings better than a human controller. So L-3’s new OPA is the ideal “gadget” for people of like opinions. Plus the OPA means more weight capacity, which means supplies getting to troops in need if the situation calls for it; Up to 1,000 pounds internally or externally to be exact.

You're getting old pal. Orginal UAV shown below:              

Looks great doesn't it? The Mobius shown below:  


The first UAV image comes from Defense Images. I would really check out the photos in Defense Images gallery if I were you. Real nice stuff. 

Yet another wonderful thing about the Mobius: it can take off and land by itself. That means way less expensive controlling stations! Plus it can stay airborne for 20 hours straight. Oh and here’s one of the best features- it’s fast. Up to 250 mph fast if you want to get technical. I bet your car can’t beat that. This speed ranks the Mobius among the fastest of its class in unmanned vehicles. I believe this Mobius is going to be a great addition to the many classes of UAVs out there.

Got this blog started by reading Defense Tech’s “L-3’s ‘Optionally-Piloted Aircraft’ Mobius”

Oh, and what you might see in one of my next blogs:

Unmanned combat aircraft of the future: Taranis


Fell;The Lost Loner

defaultDo you believe that a mind can overpower people, and things? Do you believe that animals are more than what they seem? Do you think animals have the ability to talk, give life, save lives, and help even us humans out?? Well if you do, Fell by David Clement is the perfect, mystifying, horror for you. The story is about a lone wolf by the name of Fell. Most wolves believe he is a ghost, or just a myth. But may I tell you, Fell is more real than the skin on your body. Fell has spell blinding powers, which remain mysteries to most. Fell is a good guy, however, even though if he used his powers for evil, it would overcome most any power in the world. Fell once had a family, but he left them, so that they would be safe from the evil that lurked, searching for Fell. He cares for everyone, and everything...but he cares enough to stay alone, as silent and un-seen as an eerie ghost, so no one gets hurt because of "the sight" that fell has. If you've ever liked any stories about ghosts or as you say "fairy tales" or "myths" you would, love this mesmerizing thrill that David clement has wrote. And if you think all is well for Fell and his family.....you're wrong, there is much more than I have told, and read the book to find about the story behind Fell, and the dark, deep mysteries he hides within himself.                                                                                                                  

Picture provided by Flickr member kathycsus


‘God Grew Tired Of Us’

‘God grew tired of us' is a true story about approximately, 27,000 boys were refugees during the war. They had to defaultflee because of Muslim domination in the Northern part of the country. The Lost Boys fled to Kenya, where they were assigned a refugee camp. Estimating, 3,801 of the boys were sponsored to be transferred to the United States. They were scattered throughout 38 cities, averaging about one hundred per city.The movie puts the story on the face of three refugees.  

"It was an incredible story, to see these boys' faces light up when they got what they needed form the world." says Cody, a writer at the Modern Typewriter.

Just to be in their position and know their opinions and feelings, you can't imagine what these boys have gone through. They have seen so much, been torn apart by war. Doctors say that this group of boys is the most war-traumatized group they've seen. It's just terrible to know that this is true.  When you experience something like this, you realize how selfish you've been in your life, such as wanting a "brand new phone" or a "new I pod" for Christmas.  But all these poor boys want is some food and a good home.

Image from Dave Blume.


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